Get the simulation model of mass stopping power of muon in copper

Hi, I want to do the simulation to get the mass stopping power based on the basic exampleB4 (muon flying in copper). However, I can only get the right information for high energy range (larger than 100MeV) without the radiative loss(As the fig shown, only dash-dot line I can get). I am sure the physics process contains the bremsstrahlung. So could anyone tell me that why there is no radiative loss?Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 2.17.03 PM
BTW, I know there is an example (TesEm0) which can calculate the mass stopping power directly. I am not clear the meaning of “restricted” and “unrestricted”. Maybe I just need to know how to build a “restricted” simulation.

Here a macro for TestEm5.
You can play with cut.
liang.mac.txt (481 Bytes)

I tried the macro and maybe what I need is not the energy deposit but the energy loss to calculate the mass stopping power. From the TestEm5 I can get similar result by the macro, still doesn’t have ascent tendency at large energy scale. :persevere:
Thanks for your help.

Yes, there are still high energy gamma leakage.
To ‘force’ energy deposition, add the command killSecondaries.
See macro joint

liang.mac.txt (513 Bytes)

Hi, Maire
Thanks for your comment. As the output of terminal shows, the result from formula is a bit different with simulation. Is that from cut or thickness of copper? Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 11.10.29 AM
Obviously, at low energy scale, the formula result is very larger than the simulation. Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 11.18.26 AM

1- At 10 TeV, with predefined physics lists (opt3, opt4) , the simulation result is bigger than the computation. With local physics list, it is slightly smaller.
For time being, I do not see the origin of these behaviors.
2- the evaluation of dE/dx make sense if the tickness of the layer is much smaller that the range of the particle. At 10 MeV, the range of muon in Copper is ~1.23 mm
Take a thickness of ~10 um

liang2.mac.txt (428 Bytes)

Hi, maire
Thanks for your kind help, I have solved my problem and get the result what I want!
Best wishes with kind regard.