Getting Secondary Particle Output in Basic Example B2a

I would like to modify Basic Example B2a to output secondary particle energy and momentum to Root histograms. Is there anybody in the GEANT4 collaboration that I can contact, perhaps offline, about how to do this? Adding secondary particle output to Example B2a goes beyond my limited knowledge of the workings of GEANT4.

Bro, I got similariy like you. I think you could use UltraAnalysisManager in very beginning. I use g4analysis now, it is too heavy to change the code, wanna cry.

It could save the whole inform of a specific detector.

You could refer the shower example in advanced folder.



Thank you for your reply. How exactly would these work? My GEANT4 knowledge is limited. I know how to run the examples, and how to make some minor changes to the input parameters. As far as how to modify an existing example to output characteristics of secondary particles, that is beyond my level of GEANT4 knowledge.