GPS macro file distance between the particles

Hello all I have two questions.

The first question is, if it is possible through GPS macro file to define different mixtures of particles for each event. For instance to say that in my simulation in the same run I want in the first event to shoot 2 muons and in the second 2 photons. Is that possible with the GPS macro source file?

The second question is, if it is possible to define a range of distance we want between the two particles we shoot at the same time. For instance if we can say that the distance between the two particles, we do not want to be less than 0.1 cm and not more than 2 cm in an area of circle which is 6 cm. So the distance to vary between these range in the multiple events we will have in the run. Can we define in the GPS macro file the distance that the one particle will have, relevant to the other? I tried to implement an annulus for the one particle and a circle inside the empty space of the annulus for the other particle but it was not optimal for this case.

Thank you a lot in advance for your quick answer.

I do not know about GPS.
All those things are easy to do with simple G4ParticleGun, or even without G4ParticleGun !
See examples/extended/eventgenerator/particleGun or userPrimaryGenerator.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I have to use only GPS since I run another program, which uses Geant and the only way to import these info is the gps.