Help finding aproprite Example?

I am new to Geant4. I am trying to replicate an old paper form 2003 that measures depth dose of various geometries. In this paper, they change a few things: multilayer and homogenous phantoms, different sources (point vs broad parallel beam), different primary particles (photons and electrons, at different energies). The shapes include a semi-infinite phantom, multilayer phantoms, and cubes. As well as controlling the material of the targets, beam size and other variables.

Is there a good example out there that would allow me to adjust all the parameters I need with the basic idel> commands? So that I’m not stuck having to write code from scratch?

Help would very much be appreciated, as I have been banging my head against a wall for some time now trying to make progress and I would like to see something happen soon.

Have you looked at the TestEm3 example in examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm3 ?

At least the configuration of targets is available – you may need to adapt the code to provide different sources according to your needs.

Cheers, John

Thank you, this confirms what I had been thinking.
I am having issues getting it to run using a visualizer that I can interact with and run/search commands through. I believe OpenGL with Qt was supposed to do this but I have had no success, I just get a basic non-interactive picture. Am I wrong in believing I can run OpenGL with QT on this example, or simple doing it wrong?

Thank you for your time and input

Gratefully, Xavier.