Help me find information on biasing

Dear all,

I week or so ago I posted a question about biasing in GEANT4 which was left unanswered.
Perhaps I asked the wrong question, but to me it seems there might not be a lot of knowledge on biasing in GEANT4 at all. I looked through previously asked questions, but almost all that mentioned biasing in one way or another went without an answer.
To me, the examples provided by GEANT4 are very convoluted and I cannot extract what I need at all.
Reading the documentation of GEANT4 did not really make it better, since there is a lot of [to be updated] in there.

Does anyone know of sources for more information on this topic?
Any links to webpages, presentations, tutorials, anything would be highly appreciated.
For GEANT 10+ of course

Perhaps this Topic can then serve as a guide for anyone who would like to get into biasing.


I’ll start

This is a presentation about biasing. It explains the concept and the techniques, but it does not give a clear way to do it

Update: I found this as well. It even includes recordings

I know you have probably been here… but in case you haven’t:
(There is a broken link here… but I trace that info back to Geometry and Transport - Geant4 under the heading Event Biasing & Tallies)

Good luck.


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Thanks! I had actually not been there yet.