Help with installation of visualization tools 2024 Qt 5

I was trying to install Qt v5 through a tutorial. But the tutorial does the installation process by means of an online installer, which is not available anymore in Qt web site for any of v5, only 6.5.3 and more. I can’t find an online installer for Qt v5.15.14, for example, and I don’t know how to install it from source code (or any other way besides the online installer). Does anyone know where to find the online installer of Qt v5 or can recommend another visualization tool for Geant4? Thanks in advance

Another detail::: i need the open source Qt

Geant4 Version: 11.2.1
Operating System: Windows 10
Compiler/Version: Visual Studio 2022 17.9.7
CMake Version: 3.29.3


I don’t have any experience of Qt on Windows, but in the past, I have gone to the Qt web site (, found the Download page, assured them I am a non-commercial user, and got a pre-packaged binary.

(I’m actually a Unix (Mac OS) user, and find homebrew more convenient.)

Hope that helps.


Can you detail on what part of the web site you went to download? (Was it the open source download?)

And just so that I can understand, the pre-packaged binary has a different install process than that of online installer?

I just looked under “Products” and “Qt6”, then"Try Qt for Free", which took me to “Try Qt | Develop Applications and Embedded Systems | Qt”, where it offered “Download for XXX” (various systems). You’ve just gotta search around. For Mac OS, it offered me binaries - don’t know if it’s the same for Windows. Not sure if the install process is the same or different to “online installer” (not sure what you mean by that). Sorry not to be more helpful.

Is there a Windows user out there that can help?

Hi! Thank you for all the help. I ended up finding another way to solve the visualization tool problem. I didn’t know, and now I found out, that the new GUI of the geant4 has a visualization tool itself, making Qt unecessary - unless you want it specifically for some reason. Well, now you just have to: configure example in cmake, compile the example in vs code, run, and in the “File” tool select the MAC file that has something like “init_vis.mac” in the built example folder, and that should work for the visualization window to appear. Hope this turns out to be helpful to someone else eventually.

OBS: important to say that (as far as I understand) this is available only for windows!!

I’ll leave this here:

this channel helped me a lot. And in this video he talks about this comparison between the Qt and the visualization tool of the new GUI of geant4 (I believe since version 11).

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Thanks, Emily. I hadn’t realised that the G4 Windows GUI and the OpenGL driver had been so richly developed. That’s great. Very useful for Windows users.


Hi Emily,

another option may the Linux Subsystem for windows. It can be installed from the store easily. This allows to have a linux machine within windows. The default linux is Ubuntu 22, which allows to install Qt5 from the official repositories.


Hi Emlily,

You can install older versions of Qt with the Qt Manteinance tool (Qt online installer).
By default you can see only the latest versions, but you can select the checkbox “Archive” on right menu and then click “Filter”.
Now you can see all the Qt version available and select the one you prefer.


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Thank you for all the help!