Hexagonal Mesh Collimator

Hello everyone,
I’m quite new to Geant4, so please permit my ignorance.
Could someone please help me fix this error?

There is no such constructor in G4ExtrudedSolid. The variables offsetC and scaleC are not needed.

Thanks a lot, Sir. I did just that but it appears I’m using a wrong approach because it didn’t work.
Could you please advise on how to develop a hexagonal mesh like this;

I would define the disk as a G4Tubs, and then place a set of hexagonal prisms (G4ExtrudedSolid) as daughter volumes into the disc.

Thanks a lot, Sir. I’ll work on that and see how it comes out.

Hello Sir,
Please I’ve gotten the geometry, but there seems to be a problem to “/run/beamOn”.
A lot seems to run from the command prompt and displays the attached info, but the display of the collimator simply vanishes when I try to “/run/beamOn”. I can’t also change the particle from “gamma” to “alpha”.

goes off, leaving just the command prompt.

Please, I’ll be grateful if you could help fix this.

When the app hangs, you don’t always get all possible information in the GUI window. Please have a look in the terminal from which you launched the app - there might be some useful information there.

Thanks a lot, Allison.
I’ll keep checking the terminal.

Hello Petera777,

I need help. Thank you in advance for your quick response.

How did you manage to replicate the hexagonal prisms?
did it worked without them overlaping?

Thank you

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