Hi dear geant4 users i after installation on my windows machine and building of example B1. when try running it i am getting this visualization setting message. i need help in resolving this please

The message is arising from the /vis/open OGL command. This build/install of Geant4 doesn’t have the OpenGL driver built, as shown by the lines:

parameter value (OGL) is not listed in the candidate List.
Candidates are: ATree DAWNFIL HepRepFile HEpRepXML RayTracer VRML1FILE VRML2FILE gMocrenFile

The OpenGL driver needs to be enabled when building Geant4 itself (rather than the example). That can be done by configuring using:

$ cmake -DDEANT4_USE_OPENGL_WIN32=ON <otherargs>

Hi bmorgan,
thank you for the help, i was able to resolve the issues i can now view example B1 on OpenGl viewer o. please i want to my default viewer to VRML2FILE or gMocrenifile. how can do it sir?

Different drivers can be selected when running the /vis/open command in a script of from the UI prompt. In example B1, this script is vis.mac, where there are the lines:

# Use these open statements to open selected visualization
# Use this open statement to create an OpenGL view:
/vis/open OGL 600x600-0+0

So to use VRML2FILE change this to:

# Open a VRML2FILE view
/vis/open VRML2FILE

or for gMocrenFile

# Open a VRML2FILE view
/vis/open gMocrenFile

Other options for driver selection and use are covered in the Visualization Chapter of the Application Developer Guide.

Hi Bmorgan, once again i am much grateful for your time and support. i run the command "/vis/open/VRML2FILE " I was ask to set environmental variable "G4VRMLFILE_VIEWER " to view the generated VRMLFILE automatically. thus;

You don’t have to set G4VRMLFILE_VIEWER. You have created `g4_01.wrl’. Just browse it with a browser.

Hi Allison.
Thank you very much. i just browse it and viewed it.

Hi Allison,
Thank you very much for the support. i have installed QT 5.12.11 on my windows machine, after using Qt command prompt to build example B1 the UI sessions available to visualize it didni`t include QT. how do i enable Qt to able to view using QT graphic interface. thank you for your time.

Hi Alfred

You have build with Qt - see Building and Installing from Source — Geant4 Installation Guide 10.7 documentation . You have to set a CMake option, something like -DGEANT4_USE_QT=ON.

I’m not familiar with Windows, so it might be different, but you might also have to help CMake find Qt using -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH.

Hi Allison and Bmorgan.
Thank you for the support thus far, i am happy i have made much progress. i want to start simulation. how can i open the geant4 graphic interface to input code to visualize. thank you for your time.

If you’ve built Geant4 with Qt enabled as noted by @Allison, then starting the application and using /vis/open OGL in the vis.mac script as we discussed above should open the Qt-based GUI interface. That should show the detector geometry, and there’ll be a text entry box at the bottom where UI commands can be entered.

Hi Bmorgan,
Please don`t be tired with me. i have started another installation with Qt enabled as shown attached. just want want to know if am doing the right thing. thank you for your time.

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