High resolution graphics export

Hi experts,
is there a way to export high resolution images from the current view? Apparently, export to png uses the native/displayed resolution, and with pdf / eps export my application reliably crashes.
Using Windows OpenGLStoredQt viewer and about 100 tesselated volumes of round about 100 vertices each, don’t think that is a technical limit there…

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/vis/ogl/export is the only way, I’m afraid. The only mode that’s working for me at the moment is jpg, and that only with Qt.

Have you tried:

/vis/ogl/set/printMode pixmap
/vis/ogl/set/printSize 2000 2000

In Release 11 (out today, I think), we have two new drivers - Vtk and ToolsSG - with export commands. Hoping this will improve things.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have compiled version 11, and will look into Vtk and ToolsSG. The commands however do not work for me, unfortunately:

/vis/ogl/set/printFilename test.jpg
  Changing export format to "jpg"
/vis/ogl/set/printMode pixmap
/vis/ogl/set/printSize 2000 2000
  File test_0000.jpg size: 1010x600 has been saved

Right-click the viewer and selecting the export via Action->Save as does create a file with several megabytes of content, but the file seems corrupt… and it creates the following error message

Creator QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::selectNameFilter: Invalid parameter 'pdf' not found in '*.eps, *.ps, *.pdf, *.svg, *.bmp, *.cur, *.icns, *.ico, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.pbm, *.pgm, *.png, *.ppm, *.tif, *.tiff, *.wbmp, *.webp, *.xbm, *.xpm, '.
QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::selectNameFilter: Invalid parameter 'pdf' not found in '*.eps, *.ps, *.pdf, *.svg, *.bmp, *.cur, *.icns, *.ico, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.pbm, *.pgm, *.png, *.ppm, *.tif, *.tiff, *.wbmp, *.webp, *.xbm, *.xpm, '.
GL2PS info: OpenGL feedback buffer overflow

so pdf does not work either. Might be a bug? “pdf” is in the list, but it is not literally “*.pdf”


I suspect with OpenGL window in Qt you don’t need /vis/ogl/set/printMode pixmap, and it might even be confusing things. jpg is a pixmap. Also, /vis/ogl/set/printSize is not pertinent, since it exports only the visible window (as you can see - "1010x600 has been saved`).

To get a bigger window, pop the i/o window out: Screenshot 2022-01-06 at 13.23.33

Incidentally, jpg should be the default for OGLSQt, so /vis/ogl/set/printFilename test (without extension) should create a jpg file.

If Invalid parameter persists, please let us know. It’s fine for me with OGLSQt:

  /vis/ogl/export x.pdf
 Changing export format to "pdf"
 Changing export format to "pdf"
File x_0000.pdf size: 1982x904 has been saved