How Do I Keep More Events For Visualization In Interactive Mode?

I am running Extended Example->Electromagentic->TestEm1. In setting up interactive mode for a simulation of 100 gamma rays of 2 MeV, I am issuing the following commands:

Jamess-MBP:TestEm1-build jamesbowen$ ./TestEm1

PreInit> /run/initialize

Idle> /control/execute vis.mac

Idle> /gun/particle gamma
/gun/particle gamma
Idle> /gun/energy 2 MeV
/gun/energy 2 MeV
Idle> /run/beamOn 100
/run/beamOn 100

When I go through the above process, I am getting the following message at the end of the run:

1 event has been kept for refreshing and/or reviewing.
“/vis/reviewKeptEvents” to review them one by one.
“/vis/enable”, then “/vis/viewer/flush” or “/vis/viewer/rebuild” to see them accumulated.

It looks like, of the 100 events I ran, only 1 is being kept for viewing. Can anybody tell me what I need to do to get all 100 events to be displayed visually?

/vis/scene/endOfEventAction accumulate <N>

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It looks like it worked. Thanks!