How to add resolution and energy efficiency to energy deposited spectrum?

Hi everyone. I am recording energy deposited in HPGe detectors and scintillation detectors. I got the histograms through user event actions in event class and stepping action class.
I got my energy deposited spectrum, but it is not so similar compared with real spectrum. For instance, the width of photo peak at 662 keV in real life is bigger. Also, the counts are less. Due to energy efficiency 32 keV photo peak has almost the same counts that 662 keV, even though the last one is more emitted.
Someone who can help me to add resolution and energy efficiency to my simulation?
I will thank you a lot!

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I’m guessing you are simulating a 137Cs source. The width of the peak in your detectors must be included by you. Your detector is unique, is it new? old? fully biased? all those factors will affect its energy resolution.

You should “smear” the energy you detect to match the FWHM of your detector.

For the efficiency… if the simulated peak is too high it could be due to various things: Is your source too intense? too close to the detector such that it gets summed up? Maybe you have not added all the Al casing. 32keV photons are relatively easy to stop.

Hope this helps.