How to detect a specific region of dose in the DICOM example

Hi :grinning:
A question arose when I was working with DICOM instances. How should I detect the dose of a small area of voxel microelements instead of the dose of all voxel microelements in the whole model.

You can use a filter, see in the Developers Guide 4.4.6 G4VSDFilter and its derived classes

Thanks for the suggestion, I will give it a try.

I read what you recommended, but I wanted to say that I wasn’t trying to see the absorbed dose of a specific particle but of a specific area.

For example, the model in the DICOM example is made up of voxel microelements and in this example all the voxel microelements are defined as detectors. The model thus created will output the absorbed dose of all the voxel microelements that make up the model.

Now what I want to do is to define only the specified area of the model as a detector or to output only the absorbed dose information for the specified area.

Hi Jodie,

you should be able to select a sub-set of voxels where you want to retrieve the dose. Correct?

Yes yes, I just want to detect the voxel dose in a certain area of the DICOM model. Is there any way to achieve this please?