How to force a G4Ion decay instantaneously

Hello everyone,

I am using a Co60 Ion defined through GPS.
Wondering if it is possible to force its decay instantaneously as each event starts?

Thanks a ton for your help!

Hi, just a quick followup
I tried to modify the PhotonEvaporation file to set the half-life to 10s.
z27.a60_modify.txt (498 Bytes)

I used /process/had/rdm/setRadioactiveDecayFile 27 60 z27.a60_modify in my macro.

However, the lifetime spectra seem to show no change

But I think the macro commands works from the energy spectra below (I modified the Co60 photon evaporation data)

Can someone share if this can be a suitable way to go about the above question and what’s wrong here?
Thanks in advance !

You mean modifying the RadioactiveDecay z27.a60 file? The two datasets use exactly the same filename convention, but the file contents are quite different.

We were not able to find a way to do this via macro commands, so instead we added a code block in SteppingAction, with a cheat. We look to see if a particle has been killed via radioactive decay, then we look to see if that particle has ParentID == 0 (you only want to do this for primaries!). When we find that we get the list of secondaries and modify them (requires a const_cast!) to set their start time equal to the start time of the primary track.

Yes, I meant the Radioactive Decay sorry for my error.

I modified the RadioactiveDecay z27.a60, but it seemed that changing the lifetime(consequently decay time) of the state has no effect; the GetGlobalTime() still returns time in order of e^17 ns.

Apparently, I think that Geant4 takes lifetime is taken from the ENSDF data file.