How to get dose rates on other side of shielding?


I have a neutron source on one side of rectangular water shielding. How can I get the dose rates due to neutrons and photons on the other side of the shielding? I have the geometry setup and generate primaries (see attached) but I am unaware how to get the dose rates?

Is there a particular example I can look into? Ideally, I would like to overlay a mesh right outside of the shielding and get the dose rates in each voxel in mrem/h or uSv/h.

you can use scoring volume to see the dose deposition. You can also get a csv data file for this.

you can take the help from the basic example B1 . in this it calculates dose.

how can generate two gamma of different energy in exampleB1 ? And calculate dose rate for these two gamma in material ?

Hi, you can generate two gamma rays in the same event.

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