How to get the dose rate?

If i get the total energy deposit in a volume,how can i get the deposit time to calculate the dose rate?

You have to decide how much time your simulation represents. You have specified a certain number of source events. What does that correspond to in the real world? Are you simulating one second of an electron beam, or one hour of radioactivity from a source 2 m away?

Thanks for replying!
If I want to simulating one hour of radioactivity from a source 2 m away,and calculate the dose rate in a certern mass of a volume,Should I add up all the energy deposits and then divide it by total time the system runs ?

No. The computer time doesn’t make any difference. If you assert that you’re simulating one hour of real-world exposure, then that is the time you should divide by to get the dose rate.

Do you mean I just need to get the energy deposition and than divide it by an hour ?