How to get the pulse waveform data when a particle hits the scintillator?

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_Geant4 Version:_11
_Operating System:_linux
_Compiler/Version:_visual studio

—Hi everyone! I am simulating a scintillation detector for doing Pulse Shape Discrimination. And I don’t know if it possible to get the pulse waveform just like the oscilloscope do . If it can be done ,will someone show me how to do it ? Many thanks!

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Geant4 doesn’t do simulation of readout electronics directly, but the Digitization interfaces provide a hook to implement this. Demonstrations of using this are in the ChargeExchangeMC and GammaRayTelescope Advanced Examples.

An alternative is to write out the raw physics data (e.g. “hit” position, energy deposition, time) using Sensitive Detectors and the Analysis system for persistency. This data can then be read in and used by a dedicated simulation of the electronics. That’s basically what you’d implement in the Digitization system above, but can be more efficient if your use case requires frequent resimulation to, for example, study changes to electronics settings and noise. Then you can potentially run the “physics” part of the simulation once, and the “electronics” part multiple times. It likely comes down to which takes more CPU time.

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Thank you so much! I will give it a try :grin:

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