How to get the specified molecule from methon GetRecordedMolecules

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Geant4 Version: geant4-v11.1.1
_Operating System:_win10

— Hello everyone! I would like to share an update on my project related to scavengers. I have made progress by adding a new molecule using the overridden method MyEmDNAChemistry::ConstructMolecule() and also included the corresponding reaction in the constructReactionTable. When I print the output using /chem/reaction/print, it appears as follows:

Currently, I am facing two challenges and would appreciate your guidance:

  1. I am trying to obtain the yield of a specific molecule. However, I noticed that when I use auto species = G4MoleculeCounter::Instance()->GetRecordedMolecules(), it only returns certain molecules and does not include “Om”.
  2. Can anyone recommend a reliable website or publication where I can find parameters for rare molecules like this one?


1/ if “Om” is defined a molecule and G4MoleculeCounter is active then it should be included in species = G4MoleculeCounter::Instance()->GetRecordedMolecules().
2/ maybe you can find what you want in Frongillo et al., Rad. Phys. Chem., 1998

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Thank you for the link, I would’t post the screenshots next time.

Next time I Would post the code like this 

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