How to implement a filter for neutrons?

Greetings everyone, my problem is that I can not make a filter for neutrons in the detector. I have a taco composition of the detector.
This is what the detector originally looked like in example B4d. There were no filters for dose and energy, but it registered the same number of particles as the track.

I used NeutralFilter ParticalFilter ChargedFilter. When using, for example, NeutralFilter with EnergyDeposit in the root file, the line with energy simply does not open, but with ChargedFilter, with the same EnergyDeposit, everything opens and shows the number of particles and energy. Also, when using, for example, NeutralFilter with TrackLengh, everything works and opens. The situation is the same with ParticalFilter, gammaFilter works, but neutronFilter doesn’t.

TY for help.

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