How to include solid names as fields in VRML export

Hi there,

I am using Geant4 as a computation engine for some 3D web application. I need to export the Geant4 geometry as a text file that can be sent to a web front-end for rendering purposes using Three.js.

Since AsciiTree is kind of hard to parse for the web front-end and since Three.js already comes with a VRMLLoader, I want to use the VRML vis driver in Geant4.
However, in order to enable the front-end to distinguish between the various solids in my geometry, the solid names should be part of the VRML data structure. Until now, the solid names are exported as VRML comments only, which, of course, are not visible in the front-end model after deserialization.

How can I make Geant4 export the solid names as proper VRML data fields? I am no VRML expert, but I think the VRML format has a description field that could be used by Geant4 for that.