How to install Geant4 v 11.0.3 on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Hi, everyone!

I can not find any installation guide for Geant4 v 11.0.3 for Ubuntu. Who can explain how to install?


This is covered in the Installation Guide available from the main documentation page

Thank you. There are Spack, Homebrew, Conda. I can’t find for Ubuntu(

If you mean “are there deb packages for Geant4” then unfortunately not at the moment - we are looking at providing these, but it’s WIP at the moment and I don’t have a timescale for availability.

In the meantime, Geant4 can be built/installed from source using the information in that guide. See Geant4 System/Software Prerequisites — Geant4 Installation Guide 11.0 documentation to determine the list of packages needed, then Building and Installing from Source — Geant4 Installation Guide 11.0 documentation for the steps on any UNIX platform.

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I have a manual. Try it, hope it helps you.

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