How to install GEANT4 without data download in Cmake?

Every time that I want to install I have the problem wiht I select G4_INSTALL_DATA=ON.
The installacion fails when with retrying download, and then couldnt connect with the server or something similar.
Does anyone have this problem?
How to solve this problem? I tried to G4_INSTALL_DATA=OFF, but I couldn’t, GEANT4 every time asked me to “GEANT4 try to look for in the $PATH, but it didn’t found”.

I will thank you your help.

As noted in the Installation Guide, the data are not required to build/install, but a warning is always printed if the data isn’t present. The CMake option to set is -DGEANT4_INSTALL_DATA=OFF, though this should be OFF by default - as noted, Make will warn about missing data but this isn’t an error.

To prevent the warning, you can pre-download the data libraries from the download page and unpack them in a location of your choice (let’s say /opt/geant4-data as an example). You can then run CMake as:

cmake -DGEANT4_INSTALL_DATA=OFF -DGEANT4_INSTALL_DATADIR=/opt/geant4-data <otherargs>

Geant4 will then find the data and set up script etc to help applications locate it there without any need to download as part of the build/install.

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