How to make a edge only structure?

Hi, I’m trying to make some figure.

I made a figure on the left side.
Since the lines at the surface makes object vague, or hard to figure out the object.
So I want to make it as right side which is a example B2a of sample file.

For the left side, I applied “/vis/viewer/set/style w” and the result is what you can see on left.

Please help me or just leave any tiny tips. I sincerely appreciate your kindness.

P.s. Running environment is Ubuntu18.04.3 LTS, GEANT4 ver 10.06

Perhaps you need

/vis/viewer/set/auxiliaryEdge false

(Actualy it’s false by default so maybe you had “/vis/viewer/set/auxiliaryEdge” somewhere.)

Maybe also

/vis/viewer/set/lineSegmentsPerCircle 24

(Actually, that is also the default so maybe you had the command with another number somewhere.)

Browse the commands with “ls” or “help” (there’s a nice “Help” tab in the Qt window) or look in the Application Developers Guide, Built-in Commands.

Oh, my .mac file has that one as true.
Thanks for your kindness.