How to model a radioactive gamma source at rest

My simulation is such that I have a radioactive gamma source at rest near the detector material. How can I simulate a radioactive source at rest?. I was looking at example B3b, in which a radioactive source is simulated, but I think that in this case the radioactive source is not at rest, right?. I think the same thing also happens with the extended radioactive decay examples rdecay01 and rdecay02, right?. I also noticed that in the advanced example Brachytherapy an Iridium source is included, but I don’t know if it is also a source that moves or is at rest. Is there an example from the Geant4 toolkit where a radioactive source at rest is included?. I hope you can help me.

_Geant4 Version:_11.2.1
_Operating System:_Windows 10
_Compiler/Version:_Visual Studio 2022
_CMake Version:_3.29.0-rc2

It is the opposite !
In B3, as well rdecay01 and rdecay02, the default is a radioactive ion at rest.
See Readme and

OK, thanks for answering. I’m going to see the Readme and the

Now I know how to model a radioactive source at rest, thanks

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