How to print the exact parameter for radioactive decay physics in multi-threading mode

Hello Geant4 user,
In the Geant4 application, I use multi-threading mode and some reference physics lists with HP, such as QGSP_BIC_AllHP. Since I want to use the simulation data for a half-life of radioisotopes longer than 1 year too, I set the threshold for the long decay time to 1e60 years via UI command: /process/had/thresholdForVeryLongDecayTime 1e+60 year. But, in multi-threading mode, I always see the threshold of 1 year, which means the default setting, on the table whose name is “Radioactive Decay Physics Parameters” in the run output file.
I also encounter the same situations when I set other commands, such as /process/had/particle_hp/skip_missing_isotope and /process/had/particle_hp/do_not_adjust_final_state, in multi-threading mode. However, in the latter two cases, I found that the parameter sets displayed in the table whose name is “ParticleHP Physics Parameters” are not changed from the default ones, but my setups are actually reflected in the simulations and displayed in the information about these parameter settings after that table:

======       ParticleHP Physics Parameters     ========
 Use only photo-evaporation      0
 Skip missing isotopes           0
 Neglect Doppler                 0
 Do not adjust final state       0
 Produce fission fragments       0
 Use WendtFissionModel           0
 Use NRESP71Model                0
 Use DBRC                        0
 PHP use Poisson                 0
 PHP check                       1
 CHECK HP NAMES                  0
 Enable DEBUG                    0
(... (omit) ...)
=== G4ParticleHPMessenger CHANGED PARAMETER SkipMissingIsotopes TO 1 ===
    -> Use only exact isotope data files, instead of allowing nearby isotope files to be used: 
       if the exact file is not available, the cross section will be set to zero !

=== G4ParticleHPMessenger CHANGED PARAMETER DoNotAdjustFinalState TO 1 ===
    -> Disabled the adjustment of the final state for getting better conservation !

So, I think there is a possibility that I could already change the default threshold time to the one I want to set, even in multi-threading mode. But I don’t know how to check this. How can I confirm the exact setup for radioactive decay threshold time in the run output file, or how can I print the exact value of the threshold for long decay time in multi-threading mode?

_Geant4 Version:_11.2.0
_Operating System:_MacOS Ventura 13.6.4
_Compiler/Version:_Apple clang version 14.0.3
_CMake Version:_3.28.1

I just want to share my “Radioactive Decay Physics Parameters” table with you as a reference.

======          Radioactive Decay Physics Parameters           =======
min MeanLife (from G4NuclideTable)                1 ns 
Max life time (from G4DeexPrecoParameters)        1000 ps 
Internal e- conversion flag                       1
Stored internal conversion coefficients           1
Enabled atomic relaxation mode                    1
Enable correlated gamma emission                  0
Max 2J for sampling of angular correlations       10
Atomic de-excitation enabled                      1
Auger electron emission enabled                   1
Check EM cuts disabled for atomic de-excitation   1
Use Bearden atomic level energies                 0
Use ANSTO fluorescence model                      0
Threshold for very long decay time at rest        1 y