How to produce proper crosssection for geant4 application?

I want to do a simulation of proton incidenting Li-7, the energy of proton is 2.5 MeV, Obviously, the neutron should be produced if the related cross section is right, but only inelastic cross section is exist in G4PARTICLEXS3.1.1 data library, so i want to use NJOY program to produce the proper cross section file for the application, how should i do?

Have you tried the G4TENDL1.4 database, with G4QGSP_BIC_AllHP physics list? If it still is not right I can give you a code to replace the G4TENDL cross section file by your own one.

@ arce,thanks, i will try.

To illustrate Pedro answer, here a printout of example Hadr03, with G4HadronPhysicsQGSP_BIC_AllHP selected in PhysicsList.

siyuan.mac.txt (282 Bytes)
siyuan.out.txt (2.8 KB)

@ maire,thanks, i use QGSP_BIC_AllHP physics list with Tendl data to do a simulation, the result is below:

it seems some difference occurs, so i want to use the same cross section data to do the simulation, how to use .ACE data file in Geant4?

by the way, how translate ENDF-6 format into the GEANT4 format?

here, the energy spectrum of neutrons at creation, eg. before any transport.
can you produce similar plot with Fluka or Mcnp ?

siyuan.mac.txt (363 Bytes)

@maire, i do not understand what is your means?
you mean using the neutron spectrum as you supply?

1- I was asking if you can do this kind of plot with Mcnp, for comparison. To see if the difference comes from the cross sections themselves or from the neutron transport.
2- Concerning the format or ENDF, I hope that the authors of G4ParticleHP will be able to answer you.

@ maire, i can plot the reaction cross section using mcnp but only figure not data, but i can use njoy to plot the figure and obtain the cross section data,

Currently the only way to translate ENDF to Geant4 is to contact Emilio Mendoza to do it for you.

@ arce, thanks!
how can i contact Emilio Mendoza?

@ arce, thanks!