How to remove error?

i have just started to run geant4 on my linux mint. i ran the example B1 but it gives error in visualization of all examples. what should i have to do? my laptop have invidia graphic card is it issue with this?

Please post the error message you receive - otherwise helping you is like crystal ball gazing :wink:

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haha…ok i will post that.

G4Viscommandsviewerset; ;set new value; no current viewer.
No current scenehandler. please create one.
this is the error how to remove it?

It looks visualization module not be loaded correctly.
You can check if the visualization module is installed correctly using the command in the following link.

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I am also using Linux Mint (actually, I’ve used a lot of Mint- versions) and I had never had any problems with visualization… The problem is independent from Mint, I am quite sure :wink:

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ok thanks to all. i’ll try.

This is a very much related comment to an unsolved thread, can anyone help please?

are you installing the Geant4?
and errors are coming it it during installation?

just let me know… probably i can help you. i have fixed my own with very hard work.

Hi @ahmer, thank you so much! I also could fix it, with the help of a friend though. Providing paths to all dependencies solved my problem.

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oh very well its good.