How to run_vis.mac for visualization and hence how to open G4Data0.heprep?

Hello ,

I am working on a Particle physics simulation and need to plot a Photon Spectrum .To see visual of the geometry I have set run_vis.mac file is for visualization then after running it ,it generates .heprep file .
I have downloaded the file HepRApp.jar file but when I try to open it is not opening .
In prompt shell I typed = java -jar HepRApp.jar

But why it is not opening the G4Data0.heprep ?
Kindly tell if there are other methods to see the geometry .And do always the x_vis.mac file generates a .heprepp file ?

Thank You

Geant4 Version:_PACKAGE_VERSION “10.4.2”
_Operating System:_CentOS LINUX
Compiler/Version: CPack ,Terminal
CMake Version: CPack

YES , x_vis.mac always generates the .heprep file . After opening the executable file , run the run_vis.mac code required is -

/control/execute run_vis.mac

type this in the terminal and it works .