How to score dose at any point of detector (geometry which we have created)

Hello Experts,
I want to know that how to score dose at any point of detector geometry ?
How can i do this ?
Thanks in advance!

You should define a sensitive volume. There are different ways to do that. The easiest way is via a scoring mesh. I think here you find a good description:

Thank you for your reply !
is the sensitive volume and fscoring volume same ? as fscoring is used in the example B1.

Examples B4 illustrate various ways to extract and register informations. See Readme.

  • B4a : direct UserActions. Also used in B1 and B4b.
  • B4c : sensitive detectors + hits collections. Also used in B2 and B5.
  • B4d : scorers. Also used in B3.

Notice that examples in extended/electromagnetic and hadronic use UserAction approach.
You may need to read :
Tracks and steps — FrequentlyAskedQuestions 10.7 documentation