How to show geometry profile like x=0?

I want to debug geometry to see overlaping or gap, so i need to use geometry visualization to obain geometry profile like x=0 surface, how shauld i do?

To see what user commands are available, use ls or help, or look at Built-in Commands — Book For Application Developers 10.7 documentation.

The command that might do what you want is /vis/viewer/addCutawayPlane. Use help /vis/viewer/addCutawayPlane to see guidance.

See also Debugging geometry with vis — Book For Application Developers 10.7 documentation.

It seems the command “/vis/viewer/addCutawayPlane” is used to cut away part of the volume according the parameter.
thanks anyway!

Yes, indeed. So…find the command that does what you want. I gave you lots of hints about how to do that. We do expect users to read the documentation and try a few things, and if they cannot find a solution, they can post to this forum.

Maybe the command you want is


Look it up, get the guidance (help) to see what parameters it needs.

I will try the right solution.

Me too I will try it. Thank you a lot.

Good to know this has been helpful. :slight_smile: