How to simulate Scintillation Detector

My instructor let me to simulate gamma in scintillation detector.

I use LaBr3 and SIPM to construct my detector.

He wants me to simulate the photon which incident by gamma rays in LaBr3,and get the electrical signal from the SIPM when the photon is in SIPM.

Now, I only knows to simulate the gamma in LaBr3, is there some examples or key words can help me to search how to buid the model.

Thanks a lot .

I see the answer “If you just want to score energy deposited per event in NaI, then example B1 can be straightforwardly modified to do so by modifying the materials and geometry in the module. If you want to simulate actual scintillation and count scintillation photons, extended/OpNovice is a better starting point. The must be modified to account for whatever geometry you wish and the material properties, including scintillation properties, of NaI and optical properties of the materials surrounding it (for example, a PMT).”

may the answer I want to know

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