How to use GEANT4 Low Energy Nuclear Data (LEND) Package?

I have download the package and unpacked it, and set an environment variable
G4LENDDATA pointing the directory, but it seems not work? how shauld i do?

You need to specify a physics list with processes that use the LEND data, for example “Shielding_LEND.”

“Shielding_LEND.” is a physics process name? or a physics process that use enviroment variable “G4LENDDATA” directory data not the enviroment variable “G4NEUTRONHPDATA” directory data and not “G4PARTICLEXSDATA” directory data?

It is a full reference physics list. Instead of your own physics list, you would have

#include "Shielding_LEND.hh"

G4VModularPhysicsList* physlist = new Shielding_LEND;

There is a physics constructor G4HadronElasticPhysicsLEND.hh you can use if you are creating your own physics list. We recommend using one of the reference physics lists wherever possible.


I would recommend to use the approach shown in $G4INSTALL/examples/extended/hadronic/Hadr00 or Hadr01. Shield_LEND does not exist as a class but may be created as it is shown in the example.


I used “Shielding” physicsList such as:
#include “Shielding.hh”
G4VModularPhysicsList* physicsList = new Shielding;

but neutron data directory variable is “G4NEUTRONHPDATA”
How to use environment variable “G4LENDDATA” directory data?