How to use the /gps/pos/confine command in parallel geometry

I recently wanted to use the /gps/pos/confine macro command to restrict the generated gps sources to a source geometry of my design. This source geometry was constructed from a CAD generated STL file and a CADMesh.hh file. I was going to use the /gps/pos/confine macro to constrain the gps to this source geometry but the following error occurred.

-------- WWWW ------- G4Exception-START -------- WWWW -------
*** G4Exception : G4GPS001
issued by : G4SPSPosDistribution::GenerateOne()
LoopCount = 100000
Either the source distribution >> confinement
or any confining volume may not overlap with
the source distribution or any confining volumes
may not exist
If you have set confine then this will be ignored
for this event.

Previously, when building this source geometry in the same way using mass geometry, it was possible to restrict the gps source to the source geometry via /gps/pos/confine. So I’m wondering if this command is not allowed for parallel geometry or if I’m not aware of something that causes this command to not find the source geometry for parallel geometry construction.
As a newcomer I really need your help, thanks.