Human phantom example not running

_Geant4 Version:_10.01
Operating System: scientific linux 6, kernel version 2.6.32
Compiler/Version: gcc 4.4.7
CMake Version:

The human_phantom example I’m running currently is not compiled by me. It was on a school computer and was compiled and set up by someone else.

When I try to run the human phantom example, it gives me a PreInit> shell and not Idle>. When I type in /run/initialize, it gives me a segmentation fault error. This happens when I source the sh script in the geant4 directory.

can anyone help?

We’d generally need more information than that, like where it crashed. But first…have you read the README; have you downloaded the data files that define the phantom; and are you running your application in the directory/folder containing those files and the macros that drive the example?

Also…Geant4 10.1 is a very old version of Geant4, maybe 10 years old or more. I’m not sure the human phantom examples worked in that version.

I’ve found the reason why it was not working. Turns out the macro files have been corrupted.

Thanks for letting us know :+1: