I want to find out how to run my STCyclotron example successfully

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Geant4 Version:
Operating System:
My STCyclotron example shows this message
Error ~ cannot open a macrofile (macro/Vis/init/vis.mac
Error code 400
-This is just a warning message
Anr if you apply any command it will show - command refused
If I click run - initialize, the program disappears
Please assist me with what I should do.#Thamks
Zubaida G–


More information on your system would be nice to help you fix your problem…
Are you compiling with Visual Studio?

The error says that the file vis.mac cannot be found.
If you compile the example and just run the executable without any macro file specified most of the Geant4 examples are looking for ‘vis.mac’ in the same folder as your executable.

Is ‘vis.mac’ in the same folder as ‘STCyclotron.sh/STCyclotron.exe’?


Looks like this example is looking for a folder structure leading to the macro file, which looks like what is written in that error log:
relative to where your executable is.
So make sure these folders exist.

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