IBD simulation in geant4

Can I simulate IBD(Inverse Betta decay ) Process in geant4?

In principle you could, if you wrote the process yourself, but this wouldn’t make much sense, as (anti)neutrino interactions are very rare: you don’t have to spend ages of CPU time to track neutrinos and have only a few interactions.
The usual way to handle this problem is by using a primary generator: you directly generate the final state of the IBD (i.e. the positron and the neutron) by an appropriate algorithm and you feed this as the “initial state” of a Geant4 simulation.

Thank you,
I know P.Vogel has done something about it. Regarding the angular cross section of IBD. In addition, I found packages that do this, such as NuMC or RATpac, but I do not have access to these packages. Do you have another solution?

Uh, no. I don’t have any other alternative solution than implementing the code yourself, if you cannot get a ready-for-the-use implementation…

I seem to have to make something myself :slightly_smiling_face: :muscle: