Identifying energy deposition by each of decay particle in Cf252

Hi ,
I was trying to simulate the energy deposited by the decay of Cf252 source placed inside a water column. The cylindrical shaped 252Cf source is simulated using gps. I am using a modified version of exampleB4a and so far I have calculated the total energy deposited by all the decay products, altogether, in water. But I also need to calculate the energy deposited by each decay components(like neutrons, alphas, gammas and other spontaneous fission products etc.) in water separately. I am not quite sure how to accomplish this. Any suggestions on this will be deeply appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

In SteppingAction:
G4ParticleDefinition* particle = step->GetTrack()->GetDefinition();
G4String partName = particle->GetParticleName();

Pass particle or partName to EventAction together with edep.