Identifying the physics list

I am a beginner in Geant4 and as part of my learning, I was simulating a silicon detector for detecting electrons from standard radioactive sources. I made the simulation by modifying the exampleB4a in the geant4 directory. I have included the radioactive decay module in the physics list to account for different radioactive sources. I know, for electromagnetic interactions, different physics constructors are there like EMoption 2, EMoption 3, EMoption4 etc. In my case I am planning to put the EMoption 4 which I found as the most accurate EM physics constructor. But when I looked at the physics list already there, I could find the list of all the physics lists included using an if command. I cannot identify which physics list is used in the current simulation. I am attaching a copy of my physics list along with this post. It would be deeply appreciated if someone could help me out with this (12.0 KB)

The default EM physics list is the “local” one which is G4EmStandard. You can choose “opt4” use an UI command in your macro file.

Thanks a lot for your response. I have managed to do it and now I understand.