Implement angle dependent reflectivity in optical simulation

Hello Experts,

In my optical simulation, I am using gdml to construct the geometry which has a dielectric-metal surface for optical photon reflections. Also, I have the angle and energy dependent reflectivity datas to implement to the surface. The data is taken for several angles (0, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 89 degrees) and specific energy range (1.55eV to 6.20eV). I am able to implement the reflectivity for one specific angle but not all. Can anyone here suggest me how I can implement the angle and energy dependent reflectivity data in my simulation.

Thanks in advance.


You could implement another look-up table, like the existing Davis and LBNL look-up tables. Unfortunately it’s not documented how to do this. You’d need to work backwards from what is done.

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