Implementation of neutrons from fission reactor beam lines

Please I have been trying to implement neutron Physics for fast neutrons in fission reactor beamline (energy < 20 MeV) to estimate radiation damage in materials and am finding it difficult. please I need assistance on how to implement the physics with the elastic, inelastic and neutron capture. obtain the recoils and energy deposition etc. please I need help on this. thank you

In examples/extended/hadronic/Hadr06 there is a macro called fission.mac

Thank you Maire,
I have check the example and have run the fission mac file but it seems different from what a looking at. The mac file allow the inputs of single isotopes and gives the decay scheme of the isotope but am looking at a composite material (LuAG etc) placed on a neutron beam line where I can get the energy deposition due to the processes (elastic, inelastic and capture). the end go is to estimate neutron radiation damage in the material