Implementing QT6 support?

Accordingly to Qt version history - Wikipedia, the QT5 support has already ended for open source projects. So unless you buy a commercial licence, you end up in a support limbo. The logical step is to move to QT6, but it seems geant is not yet ready, as shown in a basic search Search results for ‘qt6’ - Geant4 Forum (

Is there any plan to implement this? I can’t see anyone here nor in the official web page.
What’s the current status if any?

Yeah,I also found that only QT6 is available online. One of the feasible ways is to download the previous QT_online_download, but I still want to use QT6 in the future.

Preliminary Qt6 support will be available in the upcoming 11.2 beta release (end of this/beginning of next week) and full support in the official 11.2.0 in December. It’s not clear yet whether the changes can be fully backported to 11.1/0, but should be possible.

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