Imported target "Geant4::G4OpenGL" includes non-existent path

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Geant4 Version: 11.0.2
Operating System: MacOs
Compiler/Version: Xcode
CMake Version: 3.27.5

Hello, I tried to run a project and thois error showed up. :

Which version of macOS is this, and have you upgraded this since you built/installed Geant4 (or the Xcode version)? I suspect that this is the Geant4PackageCache.cmake file keeping a now uninstalled path. You could try deleting that file and seeing if that helps - it’s not critical to the functionality.

macOS : Ventura 13.5.2, and no i didn’t upgrade it

I’d still suspect this is due to Xcode having updated with the Geant4 install having been done with the previous version. So the solution is:

  1. Confirm that /Applications/ does not contain a MacOSX13.3.sdk subdirectory (I’m guessing there will be MacOSX13.5.sdk).
  2. Locate the file Geant4PackageCache.txt in your Geant4 install area and delete it.

Step 2 should fix the issue.

Yes, that was the issue
/Applications/ does not contain a MacOSX13.3.sdk, I just changed to MacOSX14.2.sdk
Thank you

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