Including angular correlations for gamma transitions

Hi everyone,

Is it please possible to please include the angular correlations for gamma transitions thta are coincident for example in Co60, wherein the second gamma is emitted not isotropically but following a angular distribution with respect to the emission of first gamma direction.

As I understand currently if there are multiple gammas involved then their emission direction is independent of each other

I agree that this would be a good and important addition to the existing code for all applications in low-energy nuclear physics. Moreover, it seems that the GRIFFIN collaboration already implemented a routine to include it in their analysis albeit in an older version of Geant4: gamma-gamma angular correlations in G4.
It would be interesting to learn why this possibility was not further pursued afterwards.

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As explained in an other post, i.e. Gamma gamma angular correlation I believe angular correlations are already taken into account. Therefore, I think this thread can be closed.