Incompatible PTL

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_Geant4 Version:_v11.1.0
_Operating System:_WIndows
_Compiler/Version:_Visual Studio 2013


When I configure a program with CMAKELists.txt on Cmake, the configuration failed and the following error was displayed:

CMake Error at D:/Software/Cmake/share/cmake-3.18/Modules/CMakeFindDependencyMacro.cmake:47 (find_package):
Could not find a configuration file for package “PTL” that is compatible
with requested version “”.

The following configuration files were considered but not accepted:

D:/Software/Geant4/lib/cmake/Geant4/PTL/PTLConfig.cmake, version: 2.3.3 (64bit)

Call Stack (most recent call first):
D:/Software/Geant4/lib/cmake/Geant4/Geant4Config.cmake:291 (find_dependency)
CMakeLists.txt:14 (find_package)

Seems that the PTL version is not compatible. May I ask how can I fix it? Thank you.


How did you install Geant4 itself, i.e built from source or downloaded one of the windows binaries? Could you also confirm which Visual Studio version is being used as 2013 is pretty old and not supported. Though I’m not totally sure, it’s possible the application is being built for 32bit whilst the installed libraries are 64bit.

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