Incomplete, buggy rendering in Qt

Hello all. I’m running Geant4 on Ubuntu on my PC, and for any program I load up the Qt rendering is incomplete, as shown in the screenshot. It’s supposed to show a set of cubes.

If I rotate the model, the geometry flickers, but it’s never complete. Very often, my system freezes then crashes if the geometry is complex enough, or if manipulate the viewfinder too much.

I suspect it’s something to do with OpenGL or my graphics drivers, or maybe an issue with my Qt installation. The issue is specific to this PC; the same programs run flawlessly on my laptop. I’m just not sure where to look to find the cause.

Hi Amak

You’re right - it could be to do with your graphics driver. Find out the type of graphics card in that machine and google for the latest driver and install it. Let us know if that fixes it.


Hey John, thanks for the reply. I reinstalled OpenGL and updated my graphics drivers, but to no avail. I’ve since just been working around the issue.

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