Inconsistencies between /analysis/h1/create histogram and ntuple

Hello, I have written a .mac file in which several scorers are inserted. These all measure the same quantity but with different particle filters. The data is then stored in a root file. Once in ntupels and once in histograms. Everything is written with UI commands. What I don’t understand is that in the histogram, for example for positrons, more particles (~820, example value) are enumerated than in the corresponding ntuple (~6) and than in the histogram and ntuple which has no particle filter (~800). So more positrons appear in the histogram than the total number of particles counted. I think that the number of particles in the ntuple is correct because there are no more positrons than in the ntuple, which takes all particles into account, and the number of positrons corresponds to the number of electrons.

So what is wrong with my histograms?

Below you can see the code of the .mac file:

/score/create/realWorldLogVol phantomLogical
/score/quantity/nOfTrack volFlux 1 false

/score/quantity/nOfTrack protonFlux 1 false
/score/filter/particle ProtonFilter proton

/score/quantity/nOfTrack neutronFlux 1 false
/score/filter/particle NFilter neutron

/score/quantity/nOfTrack electronFlux 1 false
/score/filter/particle EFilter e-

/score/quantity/nOfTrack positronFlux 1 false
/score/filter/particle PEFilter e+


/analysis/setActivation true
/analysis/setFileName Human_Phantom_Box.root
/analysis/h1/setActivationToAll true

/analysis/h1/create volFlux volFlux 10000 0.001 100000. MeV ! log

/analysis/h1/create protonFlux Box_protonFlux 10000 0.001 100000. MeV ! log

/analysis/h1/create neutronFlux Box_neutronFlux 10000 0.001 100000. MeV ! log

/analysis/h1/create antineutronFlux Box_anti_neutronFlux 10000 0.001 100000. MeV ! log

/analysis/h1/create electronFlux Box_electronFlux 10000 0.001 100000. MeV ! log

/analysis/h1/create positronFlux Box_positronFlux 10000 0.001 100000. MeV ! log

/score/fill1D 0 phantomLogical volFlux
/score/fill1D 1 phantomLogical protonFlux
/score/fill1D 2 phantomLogical neutronFlux
/score/fill1D 3 phantomLogical antineutronFlux
/score/fill1D 4 phantomLogical electronFlux
/score/fill1D 5 phantomLogical positronFlux