Incorporate Dead Layer in the scintillator detector

Could anyone share ideas on how to incorporate the dead layer in the detector ? I am interested in reconstructing the energy deposited in the detector.
I am using scintillator detector of 0.0035 m thickness with the dead layer of 3 microns.
I tried two different approaches as follows :

  1. A separate logical volume of dead layer of thickness 3 micron and, separate logical vol of scintillator detector

  2. Used the logical volume of scintillator detector (no logical vol of dead layer) . Just adding up energy for the hits which are beyond the dead layer in the active region using the if condition where
    zDeadLayer = 3 microns & E_detector is initialised to zero

 if(fStep->GetPreStepPoint()->GetPhysicalVolume()->GetName() == "Detector 1"){ 
  if ( ((fStep->GetTrack()->GetTrackID() != 2)) && ((fStep->GetTrack()->GetParentID() != 2)) ){
    G4ThreeVector hitDetector1 = fStep->GetPreStepPoint()->GetPosition();    
    G4double zHitDetector1 = hitDetector1.z()/m;  
    G4double dEstep = fStep->GetTotalEnergyDeposit();
    if(zHitDetector1 > (zDeadLayer/m)){  
        E_detector = E_detector + dEstep;

The results are different in both the case and was wondering why ?
Thanks for the help

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Perhaps this could help: