Inner Bremsstrahlung in G4RadioactiveDecay?

I’m studying an Fe55 xray source, and am interested in the background due to the inner bremsstrahlung (IB) process which occurs in a small fraction of decays (

I simulated 1E7 decays of Fe55 and looked at the spectrum of the daughter photons. Looking at the histogram, I expect ~90 continuum events up to 231 keV from IB but only see the characteristic xray peaks. Is it currently possible to simulate IB using G4RadioactiveDecay?


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@ldesorgh Laurent, can you or Dennis shed any light on this question?

Hi, I am also interested on the source Fe55 recently, I am confused how to simulate the Fe55 in Geant4?
I saw the example “rdecay01” , in the “Co60.mac”,the code "/gun/ion 26 55"can run but the output file did not show the gamma spectrum, how did you get the spectrum?

Thanks a lot .


bremsstrahlung spectrum should be in the plot you have shown, so the internal bremsstrahlung is not yet implemented. I would suspect that your or other expert contribution may help to implement this.