Inorganic Scintillator

I want to obtain the energy spectra of the Cs-137 crystal that I am designing a CsI(Tl) scintillator. I am shooting a 662 keV gamma in the crystal. I can see the scintillation photons being produced.

But I want to find the number of scintillation photons hitting the PMT is there any example /code for this?

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have a look at the examples located under examples/extended/optical/. In particular OpNovice and OpNovice2 are supposed to be introductory enough.

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Hey Kitu, I just recently put together a piece of example code for some collaborators showing detection of opticals on a silicon detector as well as how to attach optical boundary and skin surfaces. It isn’t an official G4 example, but you can find it here: GitHub - settwi/g4-basic-scintillation: A basic scintillation example for Geant4 showing working scintillation, optical finishes, and optical detection, as well as energy-deposition-counting in a cerium bromide crystal.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Dear William,

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Just to confirm the blue color is the PMT(detector) and the gray-colored is the crystal?
Also, we are sending the gamma beam from the PMT side, right?

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