Inquiring about Optical properties to perform Optical Simulations at NIR-II (1000-1700 nm) wavelengths through adipose tissue, fats, and intralipid

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_Geant4 Version:_10.5.1
_Operating System:_Ubuntu 18.04
_Compiler/Version:_g+±7, 7.5.0
_CMake Version:_3.10.2

Hello everyone, I am using GATE to observe optical photons with wavelengths in the NIR-II range. Specifically, I am using 1400 nm and 700 nm to compare the scattering effects of the photons at these wavelengths. I wanted to ask if there were any resources where others had done this before. I am trying to define the optical properties for Adipose tissue, or any fats, as well as the material composition and optical properties of Intralipid. If anyone knows or has done this in the past by defining these materials and properties I would greatly appreciate it if they could share it or those materials with me. Thank you!