Install Geant4 with python on Windows 10

Dear there:
I want to install Geant4.10.7 with python option on windows 10. I did all of that approximately, but i faced two main problems related to this installation. The first one is related to the project called pyG4interfaces, where the problem is: ‘G4UItcsh’: undeclared identifier and ‘tcsh’: undeclared identifier in the file called pyG$

if (session == 0 ) {
G4UItcsh* tcsh= new

So, what would be done here?


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At present, Geant4Py only supports build on Linux/macOS platforms. The above error looks to be down to making an assumption that this is the case (G4UItcsh is a Unix-only interface). We’ll look at this towards this year’s release, but note that other Python topics will take priority over Windows support.

Is it still the case with Geant4 11 that Geant4Py is only support build on Linux and not on Windows?

Yes, I’m afraid this is still the case - this may be addressed this year, but is very dependent on available resource.